Corporate & Business Accounting Services

Comprehensive accounting services designed to help Calgary business owners succeed

Are Your Taxes Keeping You Up at Night?

They shouldn't be. We use our skills to give you confidence.

Our comprehensive accounting services for businesses paired with our extensive experience and skills provide the peace of mind that business owners in Calgary need. Owning a business means taking risks and having responsibilities that your friends, neighbors and relatives may not understand. You deserve to relax and work with an accounting firm that you can count on. Take a little bit of that weight off your shoulders and let us worry about the details.

Corporate Tax & Financials

Misura Berteit can handle all business financials for small to mid-size corporations. We are not just a year end service, but will work with you year round to ensure your goals are met. Our passion is to make sure that we find a perfectly tailored solution for your corporate taxes and financials.

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Financial Review & Audit

We will review your books and provide recommendations and strategies for keeping you and the CRA happy.

Professional Bookkeeping

Invoicing and expense tracking for your business can be excrutiating in the wrong hands. Our bookkeepers are pros.

Outsourced Controllership

Save thousands of dollars in staffing by hiring us to prepare financial reports and budget on a part-time basis.

Personal Tax

Take care of everything all at once, and hire us to prepare your personal taxes and maximize your return.

Corporate Tax & Financials

Misura Berteit can help at every stage of yor business

Hiring an accounting firm to manage your business financials has many advantages. Long-term management of your business financials gives you a solid basis for growth planning and forward looking strategies. If you're not consulting with a professional, you may be leaving money on the table and missing opportunities to maximize your balance sheet totals.

  1. The Start-Up Process

    At Misura Berteit, we help new business owners determine the best way to struture their business from a financial perspective. We can review and evaluate your business plan and look for areas of improvement. We can also help with the sometimes confusing process of setting up your accounts and financial tracking methodologies. A solid foundation from the beginning will save you time and money down the road.

  2. Regular Business Operations

    When your business is established, we make sure that you are informed of your financial status in plain language that is easy to understand on an ongoing basis. We ensure that you are meeting your obligations to the CRA and to your employees by managing payroll and remittances. At year end, we take a detailed look backward and forward and answer any questions you may have. And of course we prepare and submit your corporate taxes.

  3. Business Growth Stage

    If you are ready to grow your business, we can help with that too. We'll look for patterns in your financial records and point out areas for growth. We will help you create a new budget for the next phase of your business. And if you're ready to start your next business, we can help you with the sale of your current business.

Financial Reviews & Audit

When an outside examination at your books is required

Misura Berteit will provide one-time services including audits, reviews, and compilations. These can help your business secure a loan, satisfy regulatory rules, or entice new investors. Securing professionally prepared finanical reports may be a deciding factor in securing funding, or in lowering your interest rate.

  1. Independent Audit

    We will ensure that your financial statements are free of misstatements and have been presented in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. Included is confirmation with outside parties, gathering and evalutating supporting documentation for selected transactions, physical inspection of records, and grading of your internal controls. This service provices the highest level of assurance that your financials are clean.

  2. Financial Review

    A review is less rigorous than an audit, and provides limited assurance that your organization's financial records generally accepted accounting principles. Our review can be useful for attracting investors or buyers, or simply to reinforce confidence in your accounting procedures.

  3. Compilation

    We can prepare financial accounting statements from your data with no professional review or integrity analysis. Some lenders may accept a compliation instead of a review or audit if your accounting methods are simple and straighforward.

Professional Bookkeeping

Our in-house bookkeeping services ensure consistency

Small errors in your books can lead to big financial mistakes. Our professional bookkeepers can prevent many time-consuming errors, identify and correct any that slip through and keep your financial process clean. Most importantly, good bookkeepers like ours can give your time back. Because we offer bookkeeping services in house, our financial practices are consistent and seamless.

  1. Pay Bills Promptly

    It’s easy to get behind on paying bills and invoicing when you’re busy with running your business. Our bookkeepers will help you get your bills in order—and make sure that they get paid on time. This can save you money on late fees and penalties.

  2. Invoice Effectively

    Having an organized process and clean books means that invoices will go out on time and you'll get paid faster. Our professionals will prepare and issue invoices and follow up on overdue payments.

  3. Capture Expenses

    We provide a system to help you capture and process your business expenses in a timely fashion, so that your clients are charged in a timely manner and you don't lose money.

Part-Time Controllership

Do it right the first time

Hiring a full-time Chief Financial Officer can be logistically challenging and prohibitively expensive. During the startup phase, it may be difficult to attract a quality controller at any price because of the elevated risk. Outsourcing to Misura Berteit makes the cost manageable and delivers top quality, dependable, and professional service. We will create a fit-to-size arrangement for your business, eliminating the extra overhead of a full-time employee.

  1. Historical Reporting

    Accurate and timely financial reports are an essential part of what we do. Our reports allow the company leadership to make informed and accurate decisions about the direction of the company, investments and the next fiscal period.

  2. Capital Structure

    Misura Berteit will advise you on the best way to hold your financial assets. We base our guidance on how your company operates, how much cash is needed, and how much debt makes sense.

  3. Strategy & Forecasting

    Looking ahead is one of the most important areas of experience that we offer. We analyze your financial reports with an eye for what areas of the business have potential for growth.

Personal Tax Returns

Only pay what you owe

Personal tax rules can get complicated, particularly for the self-employed, business owner or investor. Our experience is both extensive and current and ensures that you pay no more than you actually owe. Misura Berteit helps you avoid costly mistakes and minimize your tax liability.

  1. Investment Portfolios

    How to claim your income from capital gains is not necessarily straight forward. The most advantageous approach depends on many factors. We know tax law inside and out, so we can advise you of your best options.

  2. Sale or Transfer of Property

    Selling or buying a home or investment property can have tax implications that you may not be aware of. We are the professionals so you don't have to be.

  3. Planning For the Future

    We go beyond preparing your taxes and provide guidance on how and what to invest in RRSPs, RESPs and other products to maximize your return.