What We Do

We are a full-service accounting firm. That means you come to us, we have a conversation, we work together to gather the documents and information we need… and then we take it from there. Easy and stress-free, from start to finish.


We provide high quality personalized tax services for individuals, small to mid-size businesses, and the self-employed. Whether you’ve got a complicated portfolio of investments you need to report on, you don’t know if you’ve filed your employees’ RRSP contributions correctly, or if you’ve put all your savings into crypto and you feel uncertain writing ‘Dogecoin’ on a government form… we’re here to help.

Our Complete Suite of Services

Personal Tax

Personalized tax and accountancy for individuals.

Corporate Tax and Tax Planning

Complete tax services for small- to mid-size businesses and the self-employed.

Financial Advisory & Consulting

Improve your business practices.


Organize your affairs to a CPA standard.

Compilation and Review

In-depth financial analyses.

Reach Out

Just because we’re accountants, doesn’t mean we don’t like having a conversation. For further information about our services, our history, or how we can help you, get in touch today.
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