Compilation & Review

Compilation & Review

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The Certainty of a Second Opinion

Everyone could use a friendly pair of eyes reviewing their records. Our thorough team of analysts will carefully dissect and then reassemble your accounts to reveal any inconsistencies or inefficiencies that could be costing you in ways you weren’t even aware of.

Compilation or Review – Which One Do You Need?

Compilation and review are essentially the same thing – organizing and presenting financial statements in a clear and comprehensible order. However, compilation will only refer to the information presented in the financial documents, while a review tries to corroborate the information with external sources. This process is not as in-depth as a full audit but takes considerably more time than a compilation.

Therefore, if you are conducting this inquiry for personal/internal use, we recommend compilation. If you wish to/must present the findings to a third party, we recommend a review.

We are the firm for you if:

You want to make absolutely certain your bookkeeper is on point

You need a set of financial statements for any purpose, including your own

You realize optimized annual analysis leads to greater success

Your bank or a similar authority is ‘kindly’ insisting upon it

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